Zeoal, an Advanced WordPress Theme


A premium quality multi-column multi-style multi-function collapsable sidebar AJAX featured theme with advanced features.

Zeoal WP Theme is built for all-type niche, highly customizable backend and the ability to be used as a traditional blog and magazine styled WordPress powered sites. It has generic, light and flexible design and framework that makes this theme extremely effective for any niche centered website.
This theme has everything inbuilt an average WordPress user would ever need to make their WordPress powered site successful. Just like my previous theme, this one too features a heck load of options and features, and as far as I’ve counted this theme is powered from over 130+ customizable options – certainly rare for a “free” theme. It works out-of-box without configuring all those options, of course.

Zeoal Advanced WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

  • Premium, Flexible, Neutral design that can be used by any niche centred site.
  • jQuery featured. [+]
  • Options Page.
  • Compliant with WordPress version 3.5+. 2.7, 2.8, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3, and 2.8.4. Yes, it also works on v2.8.0, there’s a version detection inbuilt and a FIX for that specific version.
  • Multi-Layout: Magazine or Blog. [+]
  • Multi-Post-Styling: named as recent and mini posts. [+]
  • Multi-Column Sidebar: 1 or 2 column (2 or 3 column). [+]
  • Collapsible sidebar [+]
  • Smooth scrolls.
  • Columnized Footer 3 column. [+]
  • Widgetized Sidebars (as three: Top, left, and right) and Footer (all three) columns. [+]
  • Multi-Level dropdown (vertical) navigation menu. [J] [+]
  • Tested on major browsers like: FireFox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey and a few more, on different resolutions.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Image Gallery: Two Styles | Title Option | Fetch post from specified category. [J] [+]
  • Featured Content: Two styles | 5 slide effects | Pager | 3 Text block effects. Fetch post from specified category. [J] [+]
  • Featured Video, fetch the video from either options page or specified category. [+]
  • Auto fetch image from post, or custom field can also be used. [+]
  • Image/Text logo (.PSD is packed) with fade in-out effect. [J] [+]
  • Up to Eight 125×125 ad blocks, two 480×60 ad block, one 768×90 and 180×90, and two post advert and shortcode. Each option can either be replaced by own html, think AdSense. [J] [+]
  • Post Advert shortcode: user can specify a shortcode that can be used inside any post to call the specified post advert. Default is [ad]. [J] [+]
  • Paginated.
  • Paginated Categories in post style.
  • Slide tabs. [J] [+]
  • Post voting inbuilt (check single page for preview)
  • Proper threaded/nested comments.
  • Author Highlighted comment.
  • Auto Image-Resizer.
  • Author Page.
  • Text Resizer.
  • Breadcrumbs. [+]
  • “About Me” on sidebar. [+]
  • Author page, useful for multi-author sites. [+]
  • “About author” on posts’ pages. [+]
  • Announcement System. [+]
  • Related Posts with small thumbnails. [+]
  • Most Commented. [+]
  • Recently Updated: lists the most recent modified posts. [+]
  • Recent posts. [+]
  • Recent comments with Gravatars. [+]
  • Popular posts. [+]
  • Global Translation. [+]
  • Gravatars ready.
  • Facebook Connect Ready.
  • FeedBurner Email Subscription, automatically installs as widget [Zeoal (FeedBurner)]. [+]
  • Twitter ready, also, automatically installs as widget [Zeoal (Twitter)]. [+]
  • FlickR ready, and is in fade in-out slide or simple 4 block thumbnails. [J][+]
  • Inbuilt Social bookmarking [J][+]
  • Inbuilt Social Networking Profiles [+]
  • Flash Tag Cloud.
  • Theme support via email.

Options Page:

  • Settings
  • Header
  • Layout
  • Social Media


  • Image-Gallery Slide
  • Featured Content
  • Featured Video


  • Navigation
  • Top Navigation


  • Footer

Ad Management

  • 768×90 Advert
  • 468×60 Advert
  • 125×125 Advert
  • Post Advert

[+] = configurable from theme administration panel (options page).
[J] = JQuery effects.
[m] = modified plugin.


  1. I am trying to use your theme. But there is an error, the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

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    • Hi Nitin.
      In e few days I m going to update themes with latest version, please come back in a week or so.

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    • Hi Nitin .
      Zeoal Theme has been updated for WP latest version(3.5+)

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  2. “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in /…/wp-content/themes/Zeoal/includes/con_featured_post.php on line 75″

    Just letting you know.

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  3. The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    wordpress 3.5.1

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    • I guess you did not follow the instructions.
      Even though there is a file called “install.txt” with info about installing this them I’m going to post them here as well to make it easier for you.

      You must unzip file and use content as following:

      1. Open plugins folder and upload plugins into your wordpress wp-content/plugins directory.
      2. Enable plugins.
      3. Open themes folder and upload Zeoal your wordpress wp-content/themes directory.
      4. Activate theme.
      5. Set theme options as desired.
      6. Enjoy!

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